Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two of Swords

This was the first tarot card drawing that I made. It is largely based on the Rider-Waite-Smith version of the Two of Swords, but the view is a lot tighter on the figure. In the RWS version, the woman is wearing a blindfold. When I was working on this drawing, I had planned on including the blindfold, but started with the face uncovered, figuring that I would then add the blindfold. However, as I looked at the face I had just drawn, something about it just seemed right as it was, with no blindfold.

This card will sometimes be described as being about choices, which path to take. It is also described as having to do with being defensive; this is more how I see it. The woman is guarding her heart by crossing her arms over her chest. The swords, along with her expression, say "Stay the hell away from me-- I'm not letting you in."

I can hear the wind blowing, and the sound of the waves rolling in on the beach. This is a grey, cloudy day; in color, the card would have a predominance of cool colors-- mainly in the blue range. Dark, moody, mysterious.

(drawn on February 8, 2009)

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