Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Chariot VII

This card is often presented in a more static, formal manner. This would be that case in both the RWS and TdM decks. In those two decks, one has sphinxes, the other has horses. The Chariot is generally considered to be about victory, willpower, and control. I see this card as having a lot to do with power and strength, and as such have presented it in a more kinetic manner, suggesting not just power, but action as well.

The Charioteer needs no reigns; he is in total control of the horses, maintaining a balance between opposing forces. His right hand holds a wand of power in the physical realm. His left hand points to the heavens, connecting him to the forces of the universe, God, or however you choose to look at that (this is echoed in the winged all-seeing eye on the front of the chariot). The sun is directly above his head; there is triangle on his chest (the alchemical symbol for fire); both of these suggest a strong male energy in this card.

(drawn on 3/28/07)

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