Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Lovers • The Devil

I decided to draw these cards together, as they are related both visually and thematically. Also, note that the number of the Devil, 15, reduces to the number of the Lovers, 6.

Again, I am keeping the content of the drawings somewhat similar to those in the RWS deck, with a few modifications. With The Lovers, other than the closer view of the figures (and their embrace), the elements are pretty much the same. The figures in the RWS version of The Devil are chained around their neck, but the chains are loose--the figures could free themselves if they wanted to. In my version, we do not see the chains, but we do see a key around the man's neck. (There is probably one around the woman's neck as well, but we can't see if because of her hair.) Although we do not see the chains, the key implies that they are there; perhaps they are leg irons. The man and woman could free themselves, but they are bound by their own choice.

(drawings completed on April 17, 2009)

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